Which application do I download?
Look for the “ROAMpay X” mobile app in your app store, such as iTunes.

Are there any videos on the product?
Yes, check out


Can I add tips to receipts?
Yes, but only at the time of sale. Once a sale has been completed, for security purposes tips cannot be retroactively added.

Can I calculate taxes in the application?
Yes. This can be enabled through the settings menu on the main screen of the app.

How do I settle my transactions?
Transactions automatically batch out if you have phone service. If you are an area with bad coverage, you have to manually close your batch. To do this, tap ‘OFFLINE’ on the main menu, then tap ‘3. Upload Stored Transactions’.

How do I key-in a transaction?
Enter the dollar amount of the sale on the main menu and tap ‘Continue’. After optionally entering the customer’s name and address, you can manually key in the card number for the merchant.

What do I do if I don’t have cell service and Wi-Fi is not available?
When you are out of range of a data connection, ROAMpay will enter ‘Offline’ mode. Transactions accepted in offline mode are essentially done as “store and forward” devices, and do not receive authorizations. Cardholders are recommended to ensure that the cardholder has sufficient funds before running a transaction in offline mode.

Can I include custom parameters on a transaction?
You can include this in the transaction notes on the payment information screen.

Can I print receipts?
Receipts are emailed to the buyer.

How many devices can I use with my account?
You can only use your username on one device at a time but it is not tied to a specific device. For example, if you typically run transactions on your iPad and it runs out of battery, you can login to your iPhone using the same username and begin processing payments. If multiple devices need to be logged in simultaneously, that requires additional sub-accounts. This is often the case when swipers are being used by employees in the field.

Can I add a sub-account?
Yes. Simply login to your master account. Once you have logged in, select Manage Lines > Manage Add-A-Line from the top navigation bar. From here you can add additional sub-accounts.

Do I have the ability for my bookkeeper to perform voids and refunds?
Your bookkeeper can use the Virtual Terminal located at to run voids and refunds. Please note that voids must be done before 5AM EST.


How can I view real-time transaction data?
You can view transaction reports inside the application by going to ‘HISTORY’ from the main menu or on the transaction reports on

Can I export data from the portal?
Yes you can. After logging in to, click on My Apps > ROAMpay and then click on ‘view all transactions’. Once you have run your report and have the information you want to export clilcked on the screen, click the button to export as a .xml, .csv, .xls, .pdf, .mhtml, .tiff, or .doc file.

How can I track the processing of my employees?
Each swiper requires a separate user account, and the processing history of each sub-account is viewable.

Can individual transaction receipts or settlement reports be emailed to me?
Individual transaction receipts are automatically emailed to the account on file. To email a transaction report, select ‘HISTORY’ from the main menu, followed by ‘4. Email Transactions’

Can I search through reports using custom parameters?
You can search through the ‘view all transactions’ report using the search field on the page. In addition, you can export the ‘view all transactions’ report to Excel and then sort and filter the report by whatever criteria you would like.

Who do I call for call for customer support?
Integrity’s customer support line at 888-477-4510..

Will this work with my phone?
Please see the list of compatible devices. The G3X swiper is compatible with almost all iOS devices, and supports almost all of the most popular Android devices.

How do I set up my phone?
Download the app from your mobile phone’s app store, and then follow the instructions.

How do I download the app?
Either download the ‘ROAMpay X’ app from your device’s app store or go to on your mobile device and follow the instructions for downloading.

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